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Lazy Susan

Several styles using  wine barrel heads and  quality ball bearing base. $225 - 275



Variety of styles can be used with tea candles, shot glasses, egg cups, martini glasses.  $35 -75


Wine bottle rack

The skies the limit for wine racks. Can be made for countertops , shelf or floor storage. $175 -475


Wine barrel table

Excellent for any living area. We use barrel head tops , barrel staves  and  metal barrel hoops . $175 - 325


Wine Bar Stools

These custom made bar stools can be built to any  height.  $300 - 375

Custom made Dog bed, hand crafted from Okanagan  wine barrels . Ideal for small to mid sized breeds.

Pet Lovers

 Dog beds hand crafted from Okanagan  wine barrels . Ideal for small to mid sized breeds. $225 - 275


Barrel stave chairs

Surprisingly comfortable. The stave curve fits most people. $425 - 475


Stave bowls/platters

Variety of uses including center pieces, cat / dog beds,  food display. $55 - 325 


I use wine barrel parts including staves, tops and metal hoops. Most items are finished with three coats of indoor or outdoor  polyurethane. Some items are finished with food safe varnish or a wax rub.

Because of the materials that I use each finished piece is unique. Each piece is handmade so it  has its own  character.  Most of the  furnishing are  prepped, assembled and finished  on  a winery crush pad when its  not being used  for  processing  grapes.

Check out the photo gallery in the Workshop and If you see something you like,  or if you have a special need, send me an email and I will get back to you as to how I can help.


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Many pieces are available at Tightrope Winery , 1050 Fleet Road  Penticton BC V2A 8T7 .

Papa Joe's Crushpad Furniture